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Designer Bass FROG Lure as illustrated in BassMaster Magazine article.

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Original Series Designer Bass FROG™ Lure on the Cover of BassMaster Magazine.

You cannot get these lures at Walmart or any other mass produced fishing lure stores, but you have seen them on the cover of the world's greatest bass fishing magazine.

Designer Bass FROG™ lead photo illustration in BassMaster Magazine article

You have also seen them in the lead photo of a magazine article about the making of a better bass frog lure as a prime example of something natural and new.

The Capt Ken's Designer Bass FROG Lures™ are now sold around the world in countires like Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, Great Britain, Spain, South Africa, Australia, and Japan.  This group of FROGs in the photo above is part of a larger group of 90 Signature Series FROGs that went to Japan for sale in over 300 stores in the  Osaka area. Of course, they are sold all over the United States from New Jersey to California and Michigan to Texas !

These FROGs are designed to be used with a new and unique hook, but they are also designed to change that hook in seconds to a new hook when needed or even to any other brand or style of hook. It is designed to make hook setting extremely easy. The  Non-CoPlanar Adjustable Elastic Weedguard Hook is extremely weedless and allows the FROG fisherman to adjust the tension and angle of protection provided by various styles and sizes of elastic weedguards. The hook now comes with a weedguard attachment tool that makes it simple and easy to attach the weedguard. The hook also works as a great Wacky Worm Hook and also as a quick change for other lures & live baits.

You may also have seen them on TV. They have been featured on the NBC Sports Channel, the older Versus Channel and the World Fishing Network. In the above featured YouTube  video Chad Hoover of KayakBassin TV introduced the Designer Bass FROG™ : Original Series while fishing the famous "Hatchery" area of Santee Cooper Reservoir in South Carolina on his great new kayak fishing TV Show. Jim Sammons also introduced the Designer Bass FROG™ : Clone Series while fishing Canada for smallmouth bass and Pike on his TV Show --- The Kayak Fishing Show. Capt. Conway Bowman formerly from the TV show  Dollar Wise Fly first introduced the Designer Bass FROGs™ "fly rod version" on TV even before they were a product for sale.

Chad Hoover who was an early fan and user of the Original Series Designer Bass FROGs™, here introduces the more affordable, mass manufactured Clone Series of Designer Bass FROGs™ at the ICAST 2011 Show. Here he does an excellent job of explaining how the Skitter Legs accessories and Stinger Hook work, including the Texas Riigging of the Stinger Hook for super weedless performance. Chad also has a number YouTube videos on line where he demonstrates fishing the Clone  Series of Designer Bass FROGs™.

I have made a lot of videos about my FROGs and other lures myself that you can see on YouTube, but this one made by Stephen & Liz Russell is my favorite of all time. Stephen & Liz are both very accomplished & skilled trophy bass hunters that make it look much easier than it really is to catch monster bass. But more importantly, the natural creative process of making the big bass videos is like none other available anywhere. The artistic productions make us all appreciate the fish of our dreams in a way never before possible. Visit their website at and their YouTube Channel at ----

Okay, here it is ! The best video submitted by a user of the Designer Bass FROG™ Clone Series that I have seen to date. Chuck Wrenn wrestled a monster bass out of some of the worst lily pads that anyone would want to attempt, and he did it from his kayak. He received a Virginia State Citation for his bass caught on a Designer Bass FROG™ Clone Series : FROG #4 - Dark Brown Spotted Bull FROG. Now, that's what I call Kayak FROG fishing for Monster Bass in Virginia --- or anywhere else ! You should really check out his FROG Fishing BLOG that he says was inspired by his love for the Designer Bass FROG™ Clone Series. Just click the Logo below.

AJ Regner is a Designer Bass FROG™ Legend.


He is also known as (Not2day) on the Kayak Bass Fishing Forums (  ) where he went on a “legendary tear” with a field tester’s sample  of the Clone Series FROGs in his home state of Alabama. He caught the 7 lb. 6 oz. bass above shortly after receiving his sample Designer Bass FROG #4: Dark Brown Bull FROG from Chad Hoover. After that he went on a "legendary tear" on that website tormenting everyone who had not yet received  their Clone FROG orders, since the manufacturer had not delivered the  final product. He later won the forum's big bass contest with another monster bass and won a free kayak with a second prototype of Designer Bass FROG™ Clone Series FROG Lure #5. Check out his photos on the FROGmen Link on the left border LINKs.

On Capt Ken's YouTube Broadcast Channel, you can see all of his FROG fishing videos in one place. You can also see some videos on other types of lures that are handmade by Capt. Ken, including Designer Bass RATs, Designer Bass Shiners, Designer Bass Casting BUGs, including DragonFlies, MayFlies, Crickets, MicroFROGs, SkitterBUGs™, SneakyBUGs™ and weedless, soft but tough Micro & FingerLing weedless SoftPlugs.

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