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You have seen the Big Bass caught by the FROGmen who have purchased the Designer Bass FROGs™ all across the country and around the world. If you haven't, just go to the FROGmen Page by clicking on the Link here or on the left hand borders on any page on the website. On this page, however, you can see some of the bass that Capt Ken has caught in recent years. Basically, since they have been offered for sale in 2008 and up to present. Not all of them are shown here, but you will get an idea, and you can also see videos on Capt Ken's YouTube Channel for some bass that are not shown here and some that are shown.

The FROG Legs

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The FROG Story

Monster Bass caught on topwater Designer Bass FROG™ Lure
This Monster Bass caught Frog Fishing in the month of July on a topwater Designer Bass FROG Lure™ : Clone Series FROG #4.
This Monster Bass over 28m inches caught FROG Fishing with a Designer Bass FROG Lure™: Original Series Leopard FROG with DNA Hot Legs.
This Monster Bass over 27 inches long was caught on top FROG Fishing in clear, shallow water with a Replicant Series : Designer Bass FROG Lure™
This Monster Bass over 27 inches was caught in March topwater FROG Fishing with a Capt Ken Daubert's Designer Bass FROG Lure™: Original Series
Monster Bass over 27 inches caught on the St John's River shoreline with a Designer Bass FROG: Replicant Series with the Skitter Legs in March.
Big Bass caught on Capt Ken's Designer Bass FROG™ : Original Series top water FROG Lure while fishing on the St John's River shoreline  in May.
Monster Bass over 27 inches caught FROG Fishing on a rainy evening in March just at last light in the Lilly Pads of a small pond.
Monster Bass caught topwater FROG Fishing with Original Series Capt Ken's Designer Bass FROG Lure™ in the evening on a small lake.

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